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Visual Artist



Iya Regalario (b. 1987) is a visual artist from the Philippines. She works across various illustration-based mediums such as pyrography (wood burning), mural painting, and pen and ink illustration. 


Regalario’s works serve as an extension of her personal views of the world, covering themes that express her constantly evolving cultural identity as a Filipino. For Regalario, illustration has become a means of expressing her deep sentiments on issues on identity, politics, philosophy, media, and the environment. She often dabbles with mythology, philosophy, history, and nature as seen in the recurring appearance of mythological characters, political symbols, plants and animal species in her works. 

​For Regalario, the essence of one's art practice lies in the development of her own identity by way of discovering her place in the world freely as an individual and as part of a greater community. For her, art is a manifestation of her current trains of thought often presented in intricate forms of visual storytelling as dreamscapes that speak more of truth than fiction. 


Regalario graduated with a Bachelor's degree on Humanities (2008) and a Masterals degree in Communication (2014) from the Ateneo de Manila University. In 2018, she dropped her pursuits of a Doctorate degree in Media Studies from the University of the Philippines to pursue her career as a full-time artist.

She has had several solo and groups shows, and has consistently traveled across the Philippines to join art festivals and cause-oriented programs. She is also the illustrator and designer of published environmental books such as UNOS. a comic book for Agam Agenda's Climate Migration Series (2023), "The Ateneo Wild" coloring book series for the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability (2020), and the "Pelagic Seabirds of the Philippines" (2022). 

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