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Wooden Tarot Card Deck

Most societies share the archetypal themes found in the Los Indios Filipinos deck, but the subjects represented vary like fickle permutations on roulette. If The Emperor appears upright in one’s reading, for example, does it guarantee tidings of power, dignity or stability? If The Star appears in reverse, does it mean one’s stars fall out of line with luck? In most biological life cycles, things end with certainty—Death facing up. In this major arcana, however, everything starts and ends with The Fool. In this particular zeitgeist, we are all The Fool—in all our innocence and naïveté, courage and brashness, excitement and anxiety—happening simultaneously and not quite at odds, but in a stoic but just duality that makes this particular arcana whole.

0. The Fool
I. The Magician
II. The High Priestess
III. The Empress
IV. The Emperor
IV. The Heirophant
V. The Lovers
VI. The Chariot
VIII. Strength
IX. The Hermit
X. Wheel of Fortune
XI. Justice
XII. The Hanged Man
XIII. Death
XIV. Temperance
XV. The Devil
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star
XVIII. The Sun
XIX. The Moon
XX. Judgement
XXI. The World
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