Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
Soma Is Here; Soma Is Now
Reflections of the Self
Media for Dummies
A Journey to the Truth
A Journey to the Truth
Hunyango IV:
SOS: Society of the Spectacle
Mangyari'ng tingnan mo sa mata ang m
Autopsy of the Teenage Patriot
Simulating Symbiosis
De Anima
30 Champakas`
Simulating Symbiosis
Hunyango III
Purveyors of the Preferred View
Ang Puno't Dulo
Simulating Symbiosis
Ang Puno't Dulo
Babalik ka sa lupa.
Save Some Face
One Man's God is Another Man's Devil
Time is Off the Essence
Don't Forget to Breathe exhibit

"It is the beginning of a new existence, & indeed the beginning of a new society, marked by the full autonomy of culture vis-a-vis the material bases of our existence. But it is not necessarily an exhilirating moment. Because alone at last in our human world, we will have to look at ourselves in the mirror of historical reality... and we may not like the vision." - Castells Pyrography & watercolor on acacia wood with organic wax finish 30"x40" 2015