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Two-woman show with Mek Yambao

Oct 26 - Nov 17, 2016

Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery

Makati City, Ph

WORDS BY Francine Yulo

Hold up your hands and ball them up into fists. Then say, “this is to feel,” as you hold one of them up, and “this is to be,” as you do the same to the other–this is the modern world: a handful of declarations and an inescapable drive to remain something so authentic that it becomes impossible to name. Here is where the right hand knows its place and the left wanders, forgetting that they belong to the same ever-changing body. Now fold your hands together. That is who you are, whether you recognize it or not. Two girls enter the weird, wild woods and two women come out. Here’s what they came out carrying.


Presented by Iya Regalario and Mek Yambao, “Am” explores the individual’s many faces not as nouns but as a collection of verbs, stacking the corporeal up alongside the immaterial in acts of authentic self-creation.

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